About Us

Colombia is a country filled with Encanto, as you navigate through its richest, you’ll meet people of all backgrounds and talents, and as they are all so different in many ways, they share one thing in common… their passion to create their best work yet. It is why it's important to note that the talent behind every piece at Cadavid Co. has been made by a talented and professional Colombian, working diligently to elaborate with expression and trust that every garment will be delivered and joy will be brought to you. 

Cadavid Co. focuses on creating…an experience, joy, and many jobs. We love to create and we love to help others have a space to express their creativity. Cadavid Co. began with an idea, an idea that would lead to creating jobs for Colombians, and while they already embrace their talents to the rest of Colombia it was time that the world explored and lived the culture, talent, and beauty that is created through the hands of talented Colombians. 


All of our swimwear are handmade in Colombia, Barranquilla, by professional artisans. We are excited to deliver products with recognition of producing high quality garments, working with exclusive fabrics, and delivering day in and day out products that fulfill a spectacular experience. 


From a casual look to a wedding gown, these earrings are meant to be worn at any occasion with any outfit you can think of. They are elegant and casual at the same time, match it with your office attire, wear it to a night out in the city, and even wear it at the next gala, know that whenever and wherever you are wearing Cadavid Co.'s beautiful and elegant earrings, you are embracing talent these earrings are handmade by artisan women in Colombia.


You know that feeling when you’re packing to leave your trip and you forget that your bikinis are all wet? What to do?? Trash bags? Ew. No worries, we got you covered. Every swimwear piece purchased with Cadavid Co. comes with a waterproof bag that helps you pack away all the wet fun you had while keeping the rest of your things inside your luggage or bag dry. We have found a way to travel smoother, with this multi-use bag you can keep your things solid clean and also stash away your wet garments. Look good, feel good and know everything is good to go. 


The Cayena is the flower of Barranquilla, it is a resemblance of the people of the land. Our resilience, elegance, and expression of life is just like the Cayena flower, how it embraces the heavy winds by finding its rhythm and not letting it damage its pedals, the strong elegant red color that can be identified from miles away, and the expression of life and joy that each flower has on its own or with a multitude. The Cayena is a resemblance of our brand, Cadavid Co, that is why we added a Cayena plated in Colombian Gold and placed it in every swimwear piece. These Cayena are made in Colombia where they have the best gold of America and where the story of El Dorado lives.

Cadavid Co has swimwear for women and men from sizes small to extra-large